Sweetcakes to go, the new owner of Houlton Bakery!!! -


Big Brother (jumbo) 26.50 per dozen
Big Sister (regular) 21.50 per dozen
Baby Cakes (mini) 11.50 per dozen
*one flavor per dozen

Party Cakes (1.25 per serving/slice)
Wedding and stacked cakes (2.00 per serving/slice)

14 inch round will feed 63
12 inch round will feed 40
10 inch round will feed 28
8 inch round will feed 20
6 inch round will feed 12
12 inch square will feed 48
10 inch square will feed 30
8 inch square will feed 20
9 x 13 sheet cake will feed 45
11 x 15 sheet cake will feed 63

Twilight cupcakes

Edward (twilight)**

White Chocolate cake filled with Red Raspberry filling and frosted with White Chocolate buttercream

Jacob (twilight)**

German Chocolate cake filled with Fudge and frosted with Chocolate, Coconut, Pecan Buttercream

Bella (twilight)**(cupcake only)

Chocolate & Vanilla cupcake with a surprise in the middle, chocolate & White Buttercream

**twilight cupcakes are sold only in regular or jumbo size cupcakes


Oreo Black Bottom
Crushed Oreo, chocolate chips, chocolate cake frosted with chocolate buttercream

Salty Caramel
Chocolate cake, caramel filling, salty caramel butter cream & caramel drizzle

Toffee Crunch (cupcake only)
Chocolate almond cake, chocolate buttercream dipped in toffee bits & chopped almonds

Hot Chocolate
Chocolate cake with hot coco chocolate butter cream & topped marshmallow topping

Chocolate Love
Chocolate cake filled with fudge & frosted with chocolate cream cheese

Black Forrest
Chocolate cake filled with cherry filling & buttercream

S’mores (cupcake only)
Graham cracker crust, chocolate cake filled with marshmallow cream, chocolate buttercream mini marshmallows & mini Hershey bar

Brown Cow
Chocolate cake filled with Marshmallow Cream, fudge & buttercream

Red Velvet
Red velvet cake, frosted with Cream Cheese

Almond Joy
Chocolate Almond Coconut cake, Fudge frosting

Chocolate Orange
Chocolate cake frosted with Orange Dream Buttercream

Boston Cream Pie
Yellow cake filled with Boston Cream Pie filling and Fudge frosting

Coconut Cream Pie (cupcake only)
Toasted Coconut crust, white cake, Coconut Cream pie filling, Buttercream frosting

Lemon Pie
Delicate Lemon cookies in white cake, Lemon filling, Lemon Buttercream frosting

Cookies and Cream
White cake with Oreo chunks, White Chocolate Buttercream

Carrot Cake
Carrot Cake filled with raisins, Carrots & Pecans, Cream Cheese frosting

Lemon Poppy Seed
Filled with Lemon filling, frosted with Lemon Buttercream

Raspberry Lemonade
Lemon cake, Raspberry filling,Buttercream frosting

Almond Poppy Seed
Almond Poppy Seed cake, Almond Buttercream frosting

Pink Champagne
Lightly flavored Champagne cake frosted with Buttercream

Key lime
Key lime cake, Key Lime pie filling, Buttercream frosting

Banana Split
Banana cake, Chocolate Fudge filling, Strawberry Buttercream frosting and a cherry on top

Raspberry Coconut
Coconut cake, raspberry filling, Buttercream frosting

Orange Float
A blend of white cake & Orange Emulsion tastes just like a Dreamsicle, Buttercream frosting

Pumpkin Spice (cupcake only)
Gingersnap crust, Pumpkin cake, Buttercream frosting

Pink Elephant
My favorite cookie in a cupcake! Animal cookie pieces, French Vanilla cake, White Chocolate Buttercream

Vanilla Bean
Vanilla bean cake, Raspberry filling, Raspberry Buttercream


Buttercream• Chocolate Buttercream• Cream Cheese• Fudge •Chocolate Cream Cheese• White Chocolate Buttercream •Lemon Buttercream •Raspberry Buttercream


Boston Cream• Lemon• Raspberry • Cherry • Strawberry

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